my name is amy.
i'm an oddity.
i'm obsessed with new leaf.
town name: sapphire
town mayor: serenity
address: 7500-2602-2138

ʕ。◕ ᴥ ◕。ʔ


#squishie cake 🍰
This one is a #squishie 🍔
I like things that look like food. 🍱🍜
Moony was always my favourite marauder. 💕🌙
Moony was always my favourite marauder. 💕🌙
Brought some sweets home from work for my boo. 😘🍭
Newest addition to my pop vinyl collection, I think he’s pretty cool. #walkingdead #amc #twd
Mummabear and I went to see Begin Again tonight. Surprisingly now I think Mark Ruffalo is a total cutie and I’m no longer quite so smitten with Adam Levine. It was good, give it a watch. Plus the music was lovely and really cool. ✌️ #movie #beginagain
Australia has changed me, haha. I am the snake queen. 🐍


do not trust people who get excited about halloween they may in fact be skeletons